The Most Common Interview Question:

Tell me about yourself


It is the most common interview question, and one that a lot of job seekers find difficult to answer. Dana Manciagli provides valuable feedback in this article provided by Career Mojo through The Business Journals.



How do I answer this interview question: “Tell me about yourself”? I struggle with that.


Advice from Career Mojo:

I think you are in good company. Most people approach this in one of the following ways:


Babble on and on, hoping to say one or two things that interest the interviewer(s).

Do a résumé walk-through. This is incorrect because the interviewer didn’t say, “Walk me through your resume.” That’s a different question.

Stumble, hesitate and use too many filler words like “umm,” as if it’s the first time the question has ever been asked.

“Tell me about yourself” is concurrently one of the most common interview prompts and one of the most poorly answered. This question, along with others such as, “What are your strengths,” “what are your weaknesses,” etc., should all be scripted well before the interview…


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