Does your resume have what it takes to get you hired?, Part IV

In this installment of our resume series “Does your resume have what it takes to get you hired?” we are discussing the importance of focusing on your future and career potential in your resume. We also take a moment to discuss the importance and value of a summary or personal statement.


Focus on the future.

Tailor your resume to suit where you are headed. Stress the experience and achievements from past positions that show the hiring manager that you would be a good fit for the opportunity available, not just that you were good at what you once did. What does your past say about your potential?


While your work history plays a part in success, focusing too much on pass success can raise a red flag. Hiring managers want to know how you will be an asset to them in the future. How do your accomplishments influence the growth and development of the company and brand? Are you worth their investment? Focus on this especially in your resume’s summary, which is our next topic.


The summary, personal statement or “value proposition”.

This is where it’s imperative to use important key words. If the organization’s human resource department screens resumes before they go to the department manager, your summary must include the keywords and skills sets they are looking for.

The summary also serves to tell the interviewer or hiring manager who you are and what sets you apart from other potential candidates. What makes you different from other people with similar resumes and experience? This is a great place to identify what you can do for the company. However, it is important not to be redundant or repetitive. Write your career objective with the bank objectives in mind.

Thanks for reading part four of our series. We hope that you have been able to benefit from these last several posts. Next week’s post will be the last portion of this 5-week blog series and as always, feel free to reach out to us with questions or comments!