Does your resume have what it takes to get you hired?, Part II

In our first blog post of this series, “Does your resume have what it takes to get you hired?, we provided some tips that will make your resume work for you and keep you from getting overlooked. Your resume is often the first thing that human resources or hiring managers will see of you. It is often the easiest way to qualify or disqualify you in moving forward with the interview process.


Prove it.

Give information that provides evidence about your success. Give examples, be specific and steer clear from general, broad statements. For example, rather than stating that you are “goal-oriented”, mention that you contributed to a 20% increase in sales last year. It’s also important to address your leadership style and other major accomplishments in your work history. These are things that can put you ahead in the event that you aren’t the only candidate in consideration.


Providing testimonials is another great way to “prove it”. While reference calls are inevitable, quotes provided by your direct supervisors and colleagues can add a lot of value to your resume. Remember to keep it concise and neat; recommendations don’t have to be long or elaborate.

Provide accurate information.

Dont lie on a resumeMake sure your contact information is up to date and complete. It’s important that the hiring manager or human resources can reach you. If you are applying for a position out of state or long-distance, provide your current address and note that you’re open to relocating in your resume’s summary.

Don’t “dress up” your work history or responsibilities. These things will be found out one way or another and will end your resume in the “no” pile. As always, honesty is the best policy when it comes to your experience and skills. Interviews are meant to assess your potential for success at an organization- fibbing can cost you valuable time and opportunity. If there are gaps in your history, note why and include relevant volunteer or consulting work.

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