Not Your Usual Recruiting Firm

Why We Are Different

We are not your usual SBA recruiting firm. In fact, the company did not start as a search firm. The company initially began training lenders in SBA credit, packaging, closing, and servicing. Then came the requests to install entire SBA departments. That led to writing SBA Credit Policies, SBA Loan Procedures, 3 year department budgets and much more.

SBA staff were needed next. So finding talent lead to creating a recruiting service that has become the largest SBA specific firm in the country.

When we talk with candidates, regardless of the SBA job position, we know first-hand exactly what the job requires in experience and technical skills. This makes us totally unique in the industry, providing lenders very targeted search work with superior results.

Partners in the Recruiting Process

SBA Search considers our work with you as a partner-relationship in finding the right talent for your SBA program by evaluating your SBA staffing needs. The best partnerships are characterized by effective and regular communication. In today’s market with its huge talent demand and a very small talent pool, finding and selecting the right candidate requires an efficient hiring process and quick selection. You cannot expect you will have weeks to decide. If you do, the best candidate has already taken another job offer. Much like a “hot” real estate market with low inventory, understanding what you need and being willing to make a timely offer is essential to getting what you want.

Getting Started Means Being Ready to Hire

We understand that hiring managers and human resource departments are stretched-thin by heavy workloads. Even so, it is vitally important to make the hiring process a priority once a search is activated. In many cases, we can find the candidates in a week or two. Both the hiring manager and HR staff should be ready to review resumes, and make time to conduct interviews. If the process is delayed, we most likely will lose the best candidates.

Here’s what happened to all the SBA Job Candidates

The industry lost an estimated 35% of its experienced SBA lenders and support staff during the Great Recession.  The talent drain was further complicated by the fact that there was little need for new people during the sluggish 2009-2013 timeframe. For that four-year period, there was virtually no new talent coming into the marketplace.  

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